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Interview with music producer Yang Zhang

Zhang Yang Music Publishing features Hollywood-based composer, producer and music publisher Zhang Yang’s (also known as Yang Zhang) forward thinking and creative music catalog for films, television, movie trailers, video games, advertising and albums, as well as her innovative business concept of new media platforms, music production and publishing business. By bringing over more than a decade of production and music publishing experiences, she and her production team will provide high-quality custom scoring and production service, licensable music underscore catalog (songs, trailer music, and underscore) and other post-audio elements. The philosophy of Zhang Yang Music Publishing is about going beyond limitations, a site not only to provide cutting-edge music, but also to share those sparkling inspirations and innovative business concepts, especially in this new breed of cross-disciplinary digital era with those similar mindsets. We believe that innovative music always shakes up your boundaries of immigration regardless of genres and categories.

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