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The Digital Evolution of Music Ushers The Shift of Film Score Business

Unlike other sectors of the music industry which had already been dramatically shifted their entire scenarios brought by the full force of the digital revolution, film scoring business, however, remains somewhat stagnant and drowsy. Or, at least it didn’t develop in the way as it is supposed to be. The reality is, Hollywood film business continues to cut down the time allotted for score development to save expense. And still, the music department is always the first place to reduce the budget.

Shrinking film scoring budget and time limitation place a server artistic restriction on the composer. However, if composers today can learn what happened in the recording industry and step out of their comfort zone, the ever-fast-growing emerging digital technologies, and digital distribution infrastructures in the music industry will create new opportunities for those emerging composers to develop their own digital platforms. Just as it happened in the recording industry, technology innovation altered every aspect of the music biz, from scratching their creative process, to the way in which how artists, songwriters, and musicians interactive with their consumers, until the revenue-shared distribution platform between record labels or music publishers, artists, and advertisers. Still, the digital technology developed a way to make music ubiquitous(streaming music service, home-based D.I.Y laptop music productions, easy accesses to share music files from the Internet, etc.). And yet, developed a way to protect digital music downloading, encrypted music files sharing, royalty controlling, etc. However, the trend is that those new generation digital-minded artists have explored a variety of multiple revenue sources through live performances, integrated marketing, brand power, etc.

Let’s take a look at scenes in film scoring business; new technology has enabled many composers to be able to sit in their room with their gear and produce various new music styles, and “temp music” mock ups. On the other hand, the need for session players(studio musicians) has decreased dramatically. Hence, an entire new industry has been created for programmers, synthesists, and that high-tech music softwares, gadgets companies. If you are a tech savvy composer as you should be in the digital era, build up a corporation through digital market efforts like the new revolutions in film business, an entire digital food chain will be changed, created the way in which such art is created, produced, delivered and consumed via a new platform. The film music industry will be totally healthy if there are multiple fragmented digital distribution platforms emerge in the future.