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Yang Zhang Wins the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Genre at the 13th Hollywood Music in Media Awards

Los Angeles-based composer and music producer Yang Zhang (also known as Zhang Yang), won the best Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre at the 13th Hollywood Music In Media Awards, held at the Avalon in Hollywood on Wednesday, Nov. 16, for her outstanding instrumental music production track “The Lord Of Flame”.

The Hollywood Music In Media Awards™ (HMMA) is the first organization to honor original music (Song and Score) in visual media from around the globe including film, TV, video games, trailers, commercial advertisements, documentaries and special programs, as well as independent artists and music influencers from around the globe for creative and innovative contributions. The HMMA nominations have historically been the best and most reliable indicator of nominees and winners in the music categories of all mainstream awards, including Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes, and Academy Awards. The HMMA main event features live music performances, celebrity presenters, tributes to music industry icons, awards for composers, songwriters and artists.

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Hollywood Music In Media Awards

Yang Zhang Wins The Best Sci-fi/Fantasy genre at the 13th Hollywood Music In Media Awards for her music production track named “The Lord Of The Flame”.


Yang Zhang was also nominated for The 12th Hollywood Music In Media Awards for the instrumental category for her instrumental track entitled”The Recall Of The Fallen Empire”.

Yang Zhang’s Debut Album ‘Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of Flame’ Unveils a Modern Fairytale

The modern-edge version of fairytale music can give way to another landscape, beyond intense experiences, with a touch of dark and sophisticated charm. As shown in the title “Hard-boiled Wonderland And The End of Flame,” Los Angeles-based music composer and producer Yang Zhang sets a fairytale tone to depict the journey of two extremes that manifest another state of emotional exploration. The adventure transforms the mixed feelings, ranging from purity and sentiment to a sense of intensity, boldness, and flaming whirlwind.

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Yang Zhang’s Debut Album ‘Recall Of The Fallen Empire’ Reveals a New Dimension of Emotional Cognition With Self-Created Style Blending

Imagine a new level of style blending that can give rise to a new dimension of musical category: an ultra-modern, sumptuous orchestral texture laced with the blended mixture of exotic elements and the ultra-edge industrial, hand-crafted sound design features re-define the new boundaries of the genre that is traditionally characterized as contemporary instrumental music. Encompassing a mixed flavor of epic film scoring scene and exotic elements of world music, molded with a rhythmical groove, Yang Zhang is a modern-day, blended style, multi-genre music composer and producer, pushing the boundaries with her unique, self-created contemporary instrumental genre for a broader audience.

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Music To Our Ears: How AI Makes Music

There are other applications of AI in music beyond the entertainment industry. Mercury Orbit Music – selected as one of the 38 qualified teams the $5M IBM Watson AI XPRIZE – uses machine learning as an educational tool, or what they call “edutainment”. Their software is a learning platform for students to test out their musical creativity. “It’s about human-to-AI creative collaboration, that’s our goal, what we do,” says founder and CEO Yang Zhang, who is also a musician with a background in film composition.

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